Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a single-tube technique for the amplification of DNA and a low-cost alternative to detect certain diseases. Reverse Transcription Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (rt-LAMP) combines LAMP with a reverse transcription step to allow the detection of RNA. LAMP is an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technique. In contrast to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, in which the reaction is carried out with a series of alternating temperature steps or cycles, isothermal amplification is carried out at a constant temperature and does not require a thermal cycler. The CoviLamp™ assay kit uses RT-LAMP, which amplifies Covid-19 RNA faster than traditional RT-PCR. Our scientists have refined existing protocols and developed unique mixes of chemicals to get results faster at the point of care without compromising its accuracy. Its highly sensitive, as low as 4 RNA copies/microliter and 100% specific
There are multiple ways to use CoviLamp™
  • If a Lab has PCR based workflow, it allows them to process the results in 30 mins vs traditional 2-6 hours depending upon viral Load. CoviLamp™ is the world’s first test that connects the LAMP with PCR to help increase testing capacity without compromising accuracy.
  • High throughput Spectrometer: CoviLamp™ is compatible with Spectrophotometer to get results from using various heat sources for resource-poor/price-conscious countries.
  • Visual Assay: It also allows to see the color change and get the results in minutes.
All the CoviLamp™ versions allow Labs/Clinics/Hospitals/Airports/Schools to increase their testing capacity. With CoviLamp™ Connect, patients can get the test results notifications and can connect their health care (If needed) with telemedicine. CoviLamp™ Connect can also benefit society with the help of Geo-Fencing and self-management, among many other things
  • Rapid Point of care diagnostic, scalable for high throughput capacity.
  • High degree of accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Inexpensive and easily deployable with minimal need for expensive equipment or trained personnel.
CoviLamp™ can be used to detect asymptomatic, mild, moderate or severe Covid-19 infection. Results from our lab base clinical validation reported the detection of RNA copies as low as 4/microliter with over 95% accuracy and specificity. No Cross-reactivity with other respiratory viruses.
CoviLamp™ is a PCR based LAMP test. The breakthrough was CardiAI’s ability to combine aspects of PCR & LAMP to produce a hybrid which maintains the accuracy and sensitivity of PCR but does away with the expensive and time-consuming nature of PCR based tests in vogue. The test can provide quick results through a visually inspectable change in color and be performed with lab equipment such as spectrophotometers and qPCR devices. Additionally, CardiAI has developed a proprietary RNA extraction method from Saliva and Nasal swabs that allows rapid extraction of Covid-19 RNA.
CardiAI’s  CoviLamp™ can collect Covid RNA samples from nasal swabs and Saliva.

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