What is CoviLamp™ Connect?

CoviLamp™ connect helps community to have access to Covid-19 test results via our secure mobile App(CoviAro). Our Virtual Care Platform CoviAro is designed to triage Covid-19 patients and connect them with their health care team. With the help of CoviLamp™ connect, we will improve access to information and reduce reporting times for Covid-19 test results. CoviAro is using a cloud-based electronic health record system in compliance with privacy laws. 

“Remote access can also help preserve the patient-provider relationship at times when an in-person visit is not practical or feasible”

CoviLamp™ with CoviAro support virtual visits, ensuring that everyone can receive best care possible and get support for chronic or episodic health care while reducing the need for in-person visits.

“Our model of test will be positively change the Covid-19 Result scenario with our virtual care innovation.”

CoviAro Benefits:

  • Access your Covid-19 test results, as soon as they’re ready.

  • Allows Covid-19 patients to share Vitals such as BP, HR, Resp rate, Temp and symptoms with their healthcare team.

  • Allows healthcare professionals to triage Covid-19 patients without increasing the risk of infection.

  • Share the test results and lab reports with your healthcare providers.

  • Safely exchange messages with your healthcare providers using end-to-end encryption technology.

  • Add and store other personal health information.

  • Stay connected with latest health tips.

  • Supported with iOS and Android system.

  • Stay up-to-date with your medication regimen.

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